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Examples that highlight the impact donor generosity can have on our research

Ginger to restrain NETosis

For years, Dr. Demoruelle’s research program has been studying how overactivity of neutrophils (called NETosis) can contribute to the development of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and interstitial lung disease (ILD). She hopes to one day find treatments that can reduce NETosis in a way that more effectively treats and even prevents RA and ILD. After reading studies about how ginger could potentially restrain NETosis, Dr. Demoruelle had the exciting idea to study for the first time how ginger supplements could affect neutrophils in healthy women and men. With donated support, she was able to reveal that ginger supplements could restrain NETosis in people. This initial finding made possible with donated support has made it possible to apply for larger grants from the National Institutes of Health that can study the effects of ginger supplements on people with diseases like RA and ILD. What an amazing impact this research could have if Dr. Demoruelle can prove that ginger supplementation, with its great safety profile, can improve or prevent disease in people with or at risk for RA or ILD.

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